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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Neverending Light: Part 1 - Game of the Day

Neverending Light: Part 1 is an atmospheric horror-adventure game developed by Jacob Grahn (aka, Jiggmin). Gameplay-wise, the title is a big departure from Grahn’s previous offerings like Platform Racing 2 and The Game of Disorientation.

The teaser? “A guided tour goes horribly wrong when monsters eat everyone!” In the interest of remaining spoiler-free, I’ll only add that tour takes place in an underground cavern. Spooky.

The writing and voice acting are quirky, but mostly good; although there are a few cringe-worthy moments. On another odd note, your character can find and collect glowing orbs called “Sprite droppings,” which are scattered across the environment. While a collection aspect isn’t unwelcome in a game like this, I felt kind of lame hunting for what I eventually convinced myself was “sprite poop.”

Part one of a three-part series, the game provides players with a relatively short experience containing some good music and sound effects, impressive use of light and shadows, and distinctly creepy ambiance. A few amateurish bits and “sprite dung” aside, Neverending Light does enough right to make it worth checking out.

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