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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping Cart Hero - Game of the Day

Shopping Cart Hero, developed by MonkeyWantBanana, is a graphically simple, but surprisingly addictive game centered on a truly fringe and extreme sporting event: shopping cart jumping. Like something you’d witness on the show Jackass, the event is akin to something drunk frat boys would cook up during a weekend bender.

Each “round” has you pushing a shopping cart down a hill, jumping in when you have enough momentum, and launching yourself off of a ramp to achieve the longest distance. You’ll earn cash based each run’s outcome, which you can then spend on upgrades like better wheels, rocket boosters, tricks, or even “groupies” that ride shotgun. (A soaring rocket-powered shopping cart full of groupies is an amusing site to behold.)

The stick-figure graphics are serviceable and charming in their minimalism, and the game mechanics and progression are fairly simple. Though not as polished as John Cooney’s Hedgehog Launch (which has very similar progression and mechanics), Shopping Cart Hero still does a good job compelling you to try and beat your best jump.

Risking severe bodily harm for ultimate glory is rarely this much fun.

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