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Monday, March 23, 2009

Andy Law: A New Super Hero - Game of the Day

Andy Law: A New Super Hero, is the latest game by Andy Law of BBPlayer and the CrazyFlasher series. Other games in the CrazyFlasher series have covered a variety of (action-based) gameplay types, such as top-down shooter and
side-scrolling beat-em-up. His latest adventure is a 2D shooter / platformer.

As with Law’s other games, “A New Super Hero” packs in quite a bit of content. There are 9 story-based missions which (unlocked as you progress), 5 unlockable “special” missions, and 35 weapons, which you can find or purchase via in-game weapons dealers.

The run-and-gun mechanics are very solid. Enemies don’t seem completely brain-dead (for the most part), and there’s plenty of action. To start, you’ll guide Andy through a detention facility and rescue the rest of your team. In a cool twist, once you actually rescue your compatriots, they’ll follow you through the level and help you shoot the bad guys. Some of the levels include drivable vehicles with mounted weapons. Fun stuff.

Characters will level-up at the end of each stage, and while this isn’t unheard of in a shooter, it’s well implemented here. Your progress is saved between levels, and if you die, you can opt to continue for some of your hard-earned credits. The game is pretty tough, and both of these features are very welcome.

Andy Law: A New Super Hero is a fast-paced and frantic shooting adventure. It’s challenging, and is a good way to scratch an itchy trigger-finger.

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