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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bunny Invasion 2 - Game of the Day

Bunny Invasion 2
by Ozzy at GP Studios, puts you in the shoes of a legendary gunslinger, famous for fending off waves of rascally rabbits the last time they tried to kill everyone. Like some kind of zombie movie sequel, the bunnies are back for blood, and only you can stand in the way of total annihilation.

In gameplay terms, Bunny Invasion 2 follows a common shooter/defense formula. Standing on the roof of the bar, you’ll have to shoot your way though progressively stronger waves of bunnies that are equal parts adorable and bloodthirsty. Money earned by blasting lagomorphs of various size, shape, speed, and ferocity will earn you precious cash which you can use to purchase new weapons, ammo, and defensive upgrades. You can also save your progress between waves, which is great since you might need multiple sittings to finish it.

Presentationally, the game is simultaneously cute and gruesome. The main character and other bar patrons are kind of grotesque looking, and the bunnies are as much endearing as they are pure evil. The overall result is actually pretty charming (or at least as much as turning hordes of psychotic bunnies into blood-stains can be). Mid-level cut-scenes round out the experience, and are generally pretty funny.

Overall, Bunny Invasion 2 is good, violent fun, with tongue-in-cheek sensibilities. While few of the gameplay elements are entirely original, the overall experience is well-polished and balanced, and offers up a bit of a challenge. We definitely recommend giving it a shot.

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