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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Desktop Escape (Esc!) - Game of the Day

What if you fell asleep at your computer, and woke up miniaturized and trapped in your desktop? Desktop Escape, (aka Esc!), by developer TigerTail Studios is a very cool take on the room-escape genre of adventure games, substituting the usual brand of point-and-click mechanics for some platforming action.

There’s a basic tutorial, though some of the puzzle-solving logic assumes a certain degree of familiarity with how window-based operating systems are navigated. You’ll be running, jumping and climbing to open programs, minimize windows, and explore email in order to uncover passwords that will allow you to solve puzzles.

In addition to basic movement, you’ll be able to right-click or left-click files, folders, and applications with your feet, just as you normally would with your mouse. For example, if you want to open a particular file or folder, you’ll first have to climb on top of the file icon and then step on it with the appropriate foot.

Your ultimate objective is to escape, but you’ll need to explore and experiment with the environment to look for clues that will enable you to progress. Like many of the more challenging room-escape games, you’ll probably experience a few head-scratching moments as you try to figure out exactly what to do next. (If you feel stuck, you can also click on the “?” icon at the top-right corner to get a hint, though your mileage may vary as to their usefulness.)

Desktop Escape will give your brain a workout, is rewarding and funny, and incorporates some truly clever puzzles. It’s also a nice departure for those looking for an “escape game” that breaks the standard formula - in a great way.

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