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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Evolution - Game of the Day

Entomologists rejoice! Evolution, a fun new game developed by FreeWorldGroup, puts players in the shoes of an aspiring coleopterist with the goal of raising a thriving colony of beetles.

You’ll begin with a couple of beetles, which will happily wander around your garden doing typical bug-stuff. In this primary “garden view,” you can hover the mouse over each beetle to see its stats (name, age, and sex) and status (hunger, happiness, and health). Once you have at least one beetle of each sex that are old enough, you’ll be able to breed them – hopefully resulting in a more advanced species.

You’ll also be able to visit a store where food, toys, drugs, and other beetles may be purchased. Food reduces hunger (and may provide extra happiness, depending on its kind), toys raise the little suckers’ happiness, and drugs speed up growth-rate (but decrease happiness and health).

All of this “beetle-upkeep” costs money. You’ll start with a small bankroll, which should be enough to purchase some extra food, a toy, and perhaps another beetle. However, it won’t be long before you’ll need some cash to maintain your operation. Thankfully, you can take your insects to a local arena where you can either race or fight other beetles for cash. Each beetle has attributes (attack, speed, and HP) that you’ll need to pay attention to when competing, adding another welcome layer of strategy.

A relaxing pace, combined with a fair amount of depth and great presentation (including a catchy instrumental remix of Linkin Park’s song, Numb) make Evolution a must-play for fans of life-sims, strategy games, and beetles alike.

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