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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfect Balance: New Trials - Game of the Day

Perfect Balance: New Trials, by developer Ttursas, is a physics-based puzzle game that tasks you with stacking and balancing a number of predetermined shapes without allowing any of them to fall to the floor. All of the predetermined shapes for each level must be used, and the faster each level is solved, the more points you will receive.

If you’ve played the original Perfect Balance, you’ll know exactly what’s expected. In the sequel, no additional gameplay mechanics are introduced, but there are 30 new puzzles to solve (a nice addition to the original game’s 80 trials).

The game is very similar to Gaz Thomas’ Super Stacker games, but in this case, you can rotate shapes for ideal placement, and you’ll be using each level’s static environment as the foundation for your shape-stack, rather than the floor. In essence, “New Trials” feel more like an extension of the original title than a completely new experience.

This isn’t a bad thing, because the puzzles are well designed and the core gameplay, while simple, is elegant and functional. Puzzles generally become more challenging as you progress. You can restart a level as many times as you’d like, which is good because some of the levels are real “head-scratchers” and may require some trial-and-error to complete.

Overall, Perfect Balance: New Trials is an excellent puzzler that’s more or less guaranteed to keep you busy for a while. Wearing a thinking-cap is recommended.

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