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Monday, April 13, 2009

Color Strike Down - Game of the Day

Color Strike Down, by developer Hugues Dayphin of Color Maniacs, is a visually arresting action game with challenging color-switching gameplay that will truly test your reflexes.

You’ll take control of a glowing orb with the mouse. Points are awarded by colliding with various waves of geometric enemies – with a catch. You’ll need to change the color of your orb (red, green, or blue) to match the enemy you wish to destroy. Things start off easy enough (with only a few enemies onscreen at once), but the action gets hectic rather rapidly.

In addition changing your color, you can also earn a couple of different power-ups that will help your high-scoring efforts. Hitting several like-colored enemies in quick succession will not only yield score multipliers, but will periodically grant you a “color shield.” For each shield that you obtain, you’ll be able to collide with one enemy of the wrong color. Eliminating large numbers of enemies will periodically net you a “color bomb.” These bombs can be detonated at any time with a click of the mouse, and immediately change all of the onscreen enemies to your current color.

There’s a slight learning curve that goes along with changing your color on the fly. It may take a few plays to become comfortable, but once the system “clicks,” you’ll be altering your hue and racking up the points with ease. The color-switching gameplay is very similar to the one used in the excellent Angry Faic games, among others.

Frenetic, colorful, and elegant, Color Strike Down is a good game that’s a tasty snack for your inner high-score junkie.

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