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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gunslingers Gold - Game of the Day

Strap on your six-shooters and get ready for some wild-west mayhem! Gunslingers Gold, by developer Foofa Studios, puts you in the shoes of the outlaw Joe Southwood. Joe needs to find a man named Gary Hollander (aka “The Duke”) in the town of Cutted Rock, because he knows the whereabouts of some Confederate gold that Joe desperately wants to get his hands on.

At its core, Gunslingers Gold is an isometric shooter, with some light adventure elements. You’ll move around the map dispatching bandits with a familiar mouse and keyboard setup, and can collect additional weapons and money as your proceed.

While similar to other offerings from Foofa Studios (like the Fire in the Hole series), this wild-west counterpart makes a few notable gameplay improvements over its predecessors. The first improvement is a pseudo-stealth mechanic, which is implemented by revealing each enemy’s field of view. If a bad guy’s field of view is highlighted in green, you can sneak up behind them and eliminate them silently with your bowie knife. However, when an enemy spots you (or hears gunfire), his field of view turns red.

Another neat improvement involves your crosshairs. The further away your target is, the less precise your aim will be. You can tell how accurate your shots will be by looking at the green circle around your crosshairs: the tighter the circle, the more accurate your aim. It’s a pretty cool way to add some appropriate impreciseness to the frantic gun-slinging action.

At the end of the day, Gunslingers Gold may not be the ten-gallon hat of all shooters, but it’s a pretty good choice if you need a Spaghetti Western fix and don’t have easy Eastwood access.

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