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Monday, April 20, 2009

Loops of Zen III - Game of the Day

Looking for a puzzle game that’s challenging, yet has a relaxing pace? Look no further than Loops of Zen III, the third installment of the Loops of Zen series by developer Dr. Arend Hintze.

Each of the game’s levels serves up increasingly difficult puzzles that center around manipulating various on-screen lines and curves in such a way that all of the “loops” are closed. Clicking a “tile” will rotate it 90 degrees, bending the associated curve accordingly. The series reminds me a lot of the game Lightshift, and the third installment is no exception.

The first few puzzles are easy-as-pie (with only a half-dozen tiles to manipulate), but things get more intricate and complex as you proceed. It won’t be long before you have to deal with a large grid of tiles that will need to be manipulated in a specific way to achieve harmony (and success).

Even other Flash games don’t get much more visually minimalistic than this, but the actual puzzles (however vanilla the wrapper may be) are quite good. It’s also worth noting that Loops of Zen III is a puzzle-solving game created purely for the sake of puzzle-solving. You won’t encounter any timed levels, high-scores, or “game over” screens. It’s just you and the loops, and the soothing in-game music reinforces the relaxed atmosphere.

Loops of Zen III serves up another dose of quality puzzles and gameplay, even if it’s not the prettiest kid on the block. It’s a good game that allows you to play at your own pace, and somehow manages to be relaxing without putting your brain to sleep.

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