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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension - Game of the Day

Cracking toast, anyone? Our favorite inventor and canine duo is back with a blueprint and a scheme, in Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension. As with all of the work to come out of Aardman Animations, Invention Suspension is a great experience that drips pure quality.

For those not familiar, Wallace (pasty English inventor) and Gromit (dog genius) are the two lovable stars of several animated short films and a feature-length movie. More recently, they’ve made some successful forays into the world of gaming.

The objective of Invention Suspension is to collect specific parts for your latest invention, across 20 levels. You’ll pilot helicopter with a deployable magnet which you’ll use to manipulate parts of the environment, collect the invention components, and drop them into the “exit funnel.” There are three helicopters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Extra game achievements are awarded for completing a level under a certain time, or finishing a stage without hitting the walls. The core game is challenging without being unfair, but some of the achievements are pretty tricky to obtain.

Invention Suspension is a great (and fairly lengthy) game, with a high degree of polish. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, there are a couple of other (free) Wallace and Gromit games that you should certainly check out. Top Bun (a game promoting Aardman’s latest short film, “A Matter of Loaf and Death”) is a lot of fun. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, there’s also a free downloadable demo available for chapter one of their first retail game “Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures.” Funny stuff.

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