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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spewer - Game of the Day

What is it?Spewer is a superb action game that seamlessly blends physics-based platforming, puzzle-solving, and… puking. Guide the blob-like Spewer through numerous puzzles and obstacles by heaving out several different types of bile, all while under the watchful eyes of evil scientists. Puke your way to victory!

Who made it?Eli Piilonen and Edmund McMillen (Meat Boy, Coil)

How does it play? – The game may initially seem like your standard running and jumping platformer; however, a unique “vomiting” gameplay mechanic adds an original, funny, and disgusting twist.

At first, little Spewer can only upchuck green bile – useful for an extra boost while jumping, or for filling pits of spikes so that he can swim across them. Several levels in, new regurgitation types become available, like white bile that you can use to create clouds of sick that are unaffected by gravity. Spewer can also slurp the puke back up to be reused, another humorously revolting twist that’s critical to making headway.

Presentation – McMillen’s artwork is always very cute, repellant, and compelling, and Spewer is no exception. The backgrounds are great, with giant scientist heads peering into your respective level. The sound effects are good, geting the point across without inducing nausea.

Positives – Just about every aspect of the game is of very high-quality, from the art to the characters and game-physics. With over 55 levels spread across 5 chapters, there’s a lot of gameplay to be experienced. The game saves your progress as you go, and also includes level-editor.

Negatives – The difficulty may turn some more casual players off. None of the puzzles are “unfair,” and the controls likely won’t get in your way, but success will depend a lot on your reflexes. Being coordinated enough to accomplish your goal can still be tough, even when you know exactly what to do.

Why you should play itSpewer is a great, polished, original and (most importantly) fun game. Check it out for yourself. Developers Piilonen and McMillen have managed to prove that throwing-up can actually be fun.

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