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Monday, June 1, 2009

The X Spot - Game of the Day

What is it?The X Spot is a game where you’ll need to find and click the “X” in each of a series of creatively presented interactive hidden-object puzzles. X marks the spot!

Who made it? – The game was developed by Robin Vencel of PencilKids.com, also creator of the Bowja the Ninja series, and Retardo and the Iron Golem.

How does it play? – From the get-go until the end, you’re presented with a string of puzzles in which you need to spot and click an “X.” A few of the more basic puzzles are simple hidden-object style affairs, but most of them require you to interact with them in some way before the “X’s” are revealed.

The game is entirely point-and-click, and is very easy to pick up and play. The gameplay is all about discovery, and figuring out how to successfully manipulate the imaginatively designed scenarios. There’s no “game over” screen, and while you can race against the clock for a high-score, you have plenty of time to go at your own pace.

Presentation – There’s quite a lot of variation between the graphical styles used from level to level, and each is very well executed. Sound effects vary from puzzle to puzzle as well, and appropriately compliment the scenes.

Positives – Despite the game’s simple premise, there are a good deal of puzzles to get through, many of them humorous and smart. Some of the puzzle implementations are pretty ingenious, considering the concept’s limitation.

Negatives – It’s pretty easy, and you’re bound to blast through it from start to finish in less than 10 minutes. Although you can play again to try and beat your best time, the puzzles are always presented in the same order, and have the same solutions.

Why you should play itThe X Spot isn’t going to consume a whole lot of your time, but the sheer amount of variety and quality of the puzzles and presentation makes it well-worth playing through once. You’ll probably even catch yourself smiling.

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